Version 4 of the Plexure SDK provides a significant step forward in developer experience when creating Plexure powered apps. While versions 1 to 3 have provided a great tool kit for developers to build apps accessing the full set of Plexure platform features, we've noticed the use cases for targeted marketing apps have matured and become more consistent across all our customers. We've spotted some opportunities for simplifying the Plexure SDK, both in terms of configuration but also in terms of functionality, which have led us to provide a significant upgrade to the design of version 4.

The Plexure SDK version 4 provides mobile developers with the following key features:

  • Simplified connectivity to the Plexure Platform APIs.
  • A geolocation service which will notify the Plexure Platform when a consumer is within the proximity of a specific location (such as a sports stadium or a store).
  • An efficient activity service which batches user interaction events such as button clicks and sends these to the platform on regular intervals rather than each time a single interaction occurs.
  • Support for beacons monitoring.

IMPORTANT: Plexure (formerly VMob Ltd.) was rebranded in 2016. In this documentation, the occurrences of the previous name (i.e., VMob) were replaced by Plexure accordingly. In the SDK source code (and code snippets shown in the documentation), the rebranding is scheduled for version 5. Thus, the old name (i.e., VMob) is still being used in the current SDK version (4.x.x).